urethane compression springs

In this day and age, the belleville washer is used for some of the most important devices in our world. They can be found in satellites, medical equipment, in houses, on machines, you name it. This is a very important spring because it can also act as a washer at the same time.

The Belleville spring is named after its founder, Julian F. Belleville, around the mid 19th century. They were designed to take on really heavy loads, with the steel that is used to make them. Belleville designed the washer to be a spring as well.

Ever since the creation of the belleville washer, they’ve been used in World war 2 on German vehicles. They were used in land mines. They even played a roll on the creation of vehicles in the United States. Belleville washers will be around for a very long time. They’ve even improved over the years, and they make the world a better place, with their abilities to take on heavy loads.

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