micro compression springs

If you need to buy small springs, W.B. Jones is a trusted small spring supplier with comprehensive manufacturing capabilities. As an experienced spring fabricator, we complete all phases of spring manufacture including design, development, and finishing processes.

Buy Small Springs

Whether you need a few small springs or bulk quantities, W.B. Jones does not have a minimum quantity requirement. Your shipment will arrive within one to two weeks. Expedited shipping in 24 to 72 hours is also available when needed.

When it comes to stock small springs, W.B. Jones has an excellent selection of off-the-shelf springs to meet most application needs. Simply search our stock spring inventory to find the length, diameter, rate, material and load strength you need.  If one of our stock small springs does not meet your application needs, we can make small custom springs to meet your requirements. Gain design assistance through our highly qualified design team to create springs to meet your needs and work within your budget.

Do you need a new supply of small springs that match a spring you are currently using? Typically, all we need to replicate that spring are the physical dimensions. You can also send a sample and one of our design team members will take the appropriate measurements we need. Our smallest stock is.088” OD and our smallest in stock wire diameter is.007”, but if a smaller spring is required, we can make special accommodations.

Our small springs are made from music wire, stainless steel (types 302, 304, 316), spring brass, and phosphor bronze in spring tempered form. We also offer a wide range of finishes, including zinc plating, black oxide, and position.  These finished can help prolong your small springs life by deterring corrosion.

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