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HI Spring fans! This week I’m in Miami for the Java User Group and at home working on new episodes of Spring Tips. Just trying to keep moving! It’s been a whirlwind week in Spring, though, so let’s get to it!

Reactor team ninja Simon Baslé has just announced the first milestone of the Californium release train of project Reactor

This is a nice example of using Spring Data JDBC with JOOQ.. in the Spring Data examples!

Happy Birthday Istio! This post looks at how Pivotal embeds the service mesh to Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, and Knative

Ryan Baxter has just announced the first release of Spring Cloud Finchley, SR1

Our very own Paul Czarkowski has just published a fairly lengthy tutorial on deploying Spinnaker to Pivotal Container Service (or any Kubernetes) using Helm and then creating pipelines in Spinnaker to deploy applications to PKS/Kubernetes. This is awesome!

Spring Integration lead Gary Russell just announced maintenance and milestone releases for Spring Integration and Spring AMQP

Spring Integration for AWS 2.0.0.RC1 and Spring Cloud Stream Kinesis Binder 1.0.0.RC1

Spring Vault 2.1 M1 available now

Spring IO Platform Cairo SR3

Spring IO Platform Brussels SR12

This Week in Spring - July 31st, 2018

This is a super helpful post by data driven Spring community member Michael Simons, now working at Neo4j, on how to create Spring Data Neo4j repositories that find nodes by arbitrary properties

Follow this dead-simple tutorial on how to use BOSH, the no-drift, service-not-server-centric package manager for infrastructure that underpins Cloud Foundry and Pivotal’s Kubernetes services, to create a dead-simple BOSH release

re:Work - Guide: Understand team effectiveness

This is a great post fro Gregor Hohpe, of the Enterprise Integration Patterns book fame, on the end of multitenancy

This a case study and it’s interesting. What’s most interesting to me is that it talks about both Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes being used together. Nice!

This is a nice article on best practices for Spring Boot developers. There’s a lot of good stuff here! A few of us on the Spring team contributed input. Check it out.

I love this Spanish-language post on how to monitor Spring Boot-based applications

Check out the latest release of Trampoline, a tool for managing instances of Spring Boot-based applications running on your location node during development

Have you seen Asset Pipeline? it supports an asset pipeline (for things like minification, transpilation, bundling, etc., for things like JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, SCSS, etc.) and it works with Spring Boot, Grails, Ratpack, etc.

This won’t be news to you, dear listeners - because presumably by this point you’ve already listened to all of them! :D - but did you know that the Spring YouTube channel (which is located at spring.io/video) now has over 100k subscribers! Are you a subscribe? Now’s a good time to join the fun. If you’re already a subscriber, then thank you so much!

I love Marcos Barbero’s numerous Portuguese-language posts on Spring Boot and so can you!

What do you need to know about migrating to Java 11? (Remember, it’s just around the corner!)

Spring Cloud Kubernetes has just graduated from incubation and the 0.3.0.RELEASE (a preview release) is now on maven central

Oded Shopen has a nice post on deploying Spring Boot-based applications to Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Exploring Pivotal Cloud Foundry’s Apps Manager – Oded Shopen – Medium

Oded Shopen also put together this nice post on three abstractions for event processing, which is also worth a read!

Oded Shopen also did a great talk on session management with Spring and Redis in this Redis Labs talk

Alex Soto has a nice post on deploying Cockroach DB on Kubernetes and talking to it from Spring Boot

These are the slides to Corneil du Plessis’s talk on Spring Fu

The talks from the JVM Language Summit are up and accessible! I devour these talks every year. There’s no single better resource for ingesting all the latest and greatest of the future of Java.

It’d be so amazing to be able to easily ‘link’ to your IDE’s workspace so that somebody else could pick up where you left off, inheriting your context and everything else. Now, with Eclipse Che, the browser-based Eclipse IDE, you can!

Whether you’re using Kubernetes or Cloud Foundry, you should get to know the open service broker API

As if you need any more reasons to come to the epic SpringOne Platform event this year in Washington DC, Rod Johnson, the creator of Spring and CEO of Atomist, will be there, too!

Get started with the latest and greatest in stream processing and integration powerhouse Spring Cloud Data Flow in a single tweet!

This is pretty interesting! It demonstrate show to use the Samebug extension for JUnit 5 to support easier debugging of Java applications

Thorben Janssen has a great post on zero-downtime database updates. Not much code, but it is a very useful post indeed.

Missed a few _This Week in Spring_s? Want to catch up on the latest and greatest in the Pivotal and Spring ecosystems in a monthly cadence? Check out, you guessed it, This Month in Spring!

The next Cloud Foundry Java buildpack seamlessly integrates with the Google Cloud Stackdriver service


Redis Client Lettuce has just released 4.4.6.Final and 5.0.5.RELEASE released

great post by two of the best in the biz, Matt Raible and Simon Maple: 10 excellent ways to secure your Spring Boot application!

Thanks Liberty IT for having me in Dublin, Ireland and Belfast, North Ireland!

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