high load compression springs

Extension springs are integral in the design of a wide variety of products, including garage doors, screen doors, scales, toys, trampolines, medical devices, tools and more. Extension springs are engineered to absorb and store energy by offering resistance to a pulling force. As an extension spring is slowly stretched, tension force is resisted when the spring attempts to return to its original coiled position. The longer the extension of the spring, the greater degree of resistance it will have.

Extension springs are most often closed wound and cylindrical in shape, but a wide variety of end styles can be specified. They can be designed to handle different loads, applications, or specific conditions by varying the size of the coil, the size of the wire or even by the length of the springs. As with most spring types, extension springs are made from a broad range of materials, depending on the application requirements, which include factors such as temperature, stress, and corrosive environmental conditions.

As a spring manufacturers with comprehensive fabrication capabilities, W.B. Jones understands the importance of developing springs to precise specifications. The success or failure of your product or application depends on the quality of your extension springs. W.B. Jones spring design specialists assist buyers in ordering custom extension springs, making sure that the springs meet all application needs and work within the established budget. W.B. Jones springs are manufactured in the U.S., and most custom orders ship within 3 to 10 days.

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