high compression springs

While extension springs are often small springs, when it comes to the success of your project, they are no small matter. Finding the right extension spring for your application is critical because a small difference in the design of an extension spring can mean the difference between a product or assembly that works and one that is returned due to failure.

Extension Spring Catalog


W.B. Jones knows the importance of having the proper extension spring for the job. That is why we include such a wide in-stock selection in the W.B. Jones extension spring catalog. For over a century, W. B. Jones has been the trusted name in springs of all varieties, including extension springs. Our complete line catalog also features our comprehensive selection of compression springs, torsion springs, spring assortments, and more.

Locating the extension spring you need is never a problem using the 36-page W.B. Jones spring catalog.   You will find specifications and details about our extension springs organized in chart format to help you easily identify the spring you need. Simply select the material, end type, and finish you require for your product or process.

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