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Grain bin bolts are vital to the farming industry. Farmers need their harvests to be stored in a secure facility—the grain bin—and the bolts used to build it will have a lot to do with the quality of the bin and its usefulness in storing farmers’ products. In order to choose the right fasteners for their bins, farmers should know these seven things about grain bin bolts.

Load Requirements

Before you even start looking for grain bin bolts to purchase, make sure you know the type of bin you are going to build and the load requirements you’re going to need. This number will be critical to ensuring that the fasteners you buy will be able to withstand the correct weight.


Grade is going to be the key factor in the overall strength of your grain bin bolts. If you try to cut corners by choosing a lower grade in order to save a few bucks, you’re going to regret it. If the grade you choose has a low proof load, yield strength, and tensile strength that aren’t sufficiently strong enough to withstand your load requirements, the integrity of your grain bin will be in jeopardy. Understand the different bolt grades to make the right purchasing decision; however, chances are you will likely want to look at grade 8.


You’re going to want the grain bin you’re constructing to be durable—you want it to last you a long time. The threading, the materials, and the coating option you select will have an effect on the durability of your bin. Make sure your grain bin bolts are covered with the appropriate coating materials to ensure maximum durability so you don’t lose out due to corrosion.

Custom Design

You don’t have to settle for buying bolts that aren’t correct for your grain bin. If you need a specific bolt size, material, or coating option, opt for a custom design. Your bin bolt manufacturer will be able to create a bolt that is made to your exact measurements, so you don’t have to settle for bolts that won’t perform their job properly. 

Safety from Outside Elements

Your grain bin bolts will be very important in keeping your crops safe from rain downpours, thick snow, strong winds, and humid weather temperatures. If these outside elements were to seep into your grain bin due to ill-fitting, rusty, or broken bolts you could end up with wet, moldy, and stinky grains that no one will want to buy. This will hurt your profits.

Safety from Insect Infestation

What’s worse than your crops being spoiled from the outside elements? An insect infestation. Your grain bin, of course, will be outdoors, which means there are going to be tons of insects trying their hardest to crawl inside to eat your grain. To avoid this unsafe and unhealthy situation, you need strong, durable grain bin bolts protecting your crops and keeping those pests out. Don’t allow insects into your bin simply because you want to save some money by buying cheap bolts.


Your purchase of grain bin bolts is an investment. When you buy high quality from the start, you avoid having to pay for costly repairs to a damaged bin and you avoid losing out on profits due to spoiled and infested crops. Ensure you have the right design and spend the money up front for top quality, and you’ll save a whole lot more in the future.

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