cone compression spring

Coiling Technologies, Inc. (CTI) is a certified ISO 9001 custom spring manufacturer of small or large coil springs and we are specialized in manufacturing of custom coil springs, compression springs, extension springs, suspension spring, wave spring and torsion springs. We have the technical spring design expertise to engineer or optimize large custom springs that meet your specific requirements. We specialize in materials which include Inconel X-750 springs, MP35N springs, Elgiloy spring and also assist you to choose the best material suited for your application.

CTI also offer these services: product prototyping, stamping setups, wire forms, powder coating, special coatings, magnetic particle inspections, shot peening, cycle testing and in-house heat treating. We manage all these services on-site to ensure you receive the custom springs you need.

At Coiling Technologies, Inc. we employ reliable, fast, and cost-effective technologies to design and engineer your custom springs. Our rejection rate is less than 1%. To ensure we are successful in meeting your needs.  We always have the best spring materials available in stock and ready to go.  Contact us to learn more.

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